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Ineza-Peggy's Skylight28.jpg

DJ Osric

What a way to make a debut, bravo! This vocal jazz EP is relevant, refreshing and excellently produced. An absolutely exquisite listen. Stardom (and an LP) is surely just around the corner. Love it. Favorite track:

Where are you from.

Chris Ingram 

"Ineza labels herself neo-soul and R&B and if she continues to marry this simply stunning voice to great storytelling she could see herself step up into a mantle left vacant on these isles since Amy Winehouse. But who am I to judge? As she herself asks, “where are you from?”, knowing it really doesn’t matter as long as you are of good spirit and on the same path."

Pete Churchill

I first met Ineza at Trinity Laban where I was immediately struck not only by her Jazz singing but her overall attitude. On leaving college she auditioned successfully for my choir, the London Vocal Project, where she has proven to be similarly indispensable. She is a highly creative singer, very dependable and I can recommend her unreservedly

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