"Ineza labels herself neo-soul and R&B and if she continues to marry this simply stunning voice to great storytelling she could see herself step up into a mantle left vacant on these isles since Amy Winehouse. But who am I to judge? As she herself asks, “where are you from?”, knowing it really doesn’t matter as long as you are of good spirit and on the same path."

- Chris Ingram, Fresh Faves 

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Where Are You From

Ineza's debut EP is a collection of five songs exploring the depths of identity, loss, healing and the ongoing process of finding your true self and place in the world.

Ineza was born in Rwanda and before the age of one adopted by a Belgian family. In her music she talks about the confusion and instability of not knowing who your biological family or where your roots really lie.  

Vocals   -    Ineza
Piano     -    Deschanel Gordon
Guitar    -    Adam Chinery
Bass       -   Jaz Moss
Drums   -    Adam Woodcock 

"Where are you from"

This is the number one question I get asked in Belgium. The answer is complicated.

I'm both Rwandan and Belgian,

it depends on the day which one I relate to the most.



This is a song about my first long term relationship which unfortunately didn't end well. Mistakes where made, hard words have been said.

It's a long time ago, but the memories are still there. 


"When People Don't Claim you Back"

In 2012 My adoption mother passed away after a long battle of cancer. Tensions started to form between myself and some family members. I learned the hard way that not everybody sees you as a full family member when you're adopted.


"The Hill"

In 2017 I discovered my biological mother and family I went back to Rwanda for the fist time to visit them. In this song I talk about my fears and hopes for that long overdue meeting. 


"Mothers Prayer"

This is a song about my beloved adoption mother.

She is a great inspiration to me and she greatly missed.